I look forward to meeting you in person and helping you to feel great again!
— Robin

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Massage Therapy Services

Integrative Therapeutic Massage : a full body massage that incorporates a blending of different techniques to address the skeleton, soft tissue, skin and circulatory system as well as the body's energy patterns.  Some of these techniques include deep tissue massage, passive stretching, asian hand techniques, energy work and circulatory massage performed with hand-blended organic oils.

Thai Yoga Massage : Thai massage incorporates passive stretching as well as rhythmic pressing.  This massage is received comfortably clothed while lying on a mat.  

Massage Therapy Prices

One Hour Massage ………$110 90 Minute Massage ………..$150

Contact Robin directly to schedule your next massage 858-245-8246

words from some of Robin’s clients 

Robin is a wonderful Massage Therapist and Holistic Health Practitioner, I receive massage from Robin at least twice a month. She is the best massage person I’ve ever been to in 30 years of getting massage!
— Paul
As an avid swimmer and surfer in my 60s, I had planned to continue those sports for many more years but back pain not only slowed me but had begun to take the fun out of them. Thanks in large part to Robin, the pain has significantly lessened and I anticipate it will be gone in the near future. Not only do the massages give needed relief but her extensive knowledge of musculature allows her to pinpoint and focus on the repair of the problem areas. With this knowledge she has also instructed me in yoga stretches that have hastened my recovery.
— Kelly
Before finding Robin I was in constant pain (neck, back, shoulders). I was almost totally immobile and in great pain in my neck, could not turn my head. I have had a 200% improvement in that area, and the rest of my body is vastly improved. The highlight of my week is seeing and being treated by Robin’s healing hands.
— Jean
Robin is professional and an expert in her field. She customizes her massages to meet my specific needs at the time. She ‘practices what she preaches’.
— Mary
Robin made my party a ‘hit’ with her spa foot treatments. Her attention to detail makes her an amazing therapist—We love her and her techniques!
— JoAnne
I am impressed both by Robin’s skill at determining what the problem is quickly and addressing it, allowing me to gel quickly. She is also passionate about her work and professional.
— Marianne
Robin saved me from hip replacement.
— Larry
Dancing everyday takes a tremendous amount out of my body. Robin is able to focus on recurring injuries that we discuss as well as other areas she senses need attention. Without her my body wouldn’t stay healthy or heal as quickly. Her work is invaluable to my overall health and career.
— Tracy
Robin offers the highest quality massage I know—her attention to detail and sensitivity to her clients needs is first-rate...she is a gifted and bright practitioner.
— Rob
Robin practicing the leg and hip sequence of Traditional Thai Massage.

Robin practicing the leg and hip sequence of Traditional Thai Massage.